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On 14.1.2021, Dr. Phan Dao – Director of ECC and Dr. Renata Tomášková – Vice-Rector for International Relations had a first working session at the University of Ostrava to exchange and asset the result of cooperation between ECC and OSU.

picture 01

 Image of  Dr. Phan Dao – Director of ECC and Dr. Renata Tomášková – Vice president

Two sides agreed to continue the admission process for the doctoral sandwich program in English Philology, also to extend the doctoral sandwich program to many other majors and establish the Bachelor’s 2+2 degree, Nursing Bachelor's degree and English Philology Master’s 1+1 degree, exchange students, lecturers and collaborative programs. Dr. Phan Dao also suggested the University of Ostrava offering scholarships for students, researchers and financially support Bata Center. Two parties signed the Cooperation Agreement on admission and education for English Philology Bachelor's degree and 1+3 program. Following this, ECC will have to extend the admission process and collaborate with other units in TDTU to improve English for registering students and support them to get the English Certificate at the B2 level. Also, in the first academic year at TDTU, students will attend to short-term Czech language course at level A1 and a course that introduces society and culture in the Czech Republic. After getting an English certificate at the B2 level, students will be guided by ECC to study in Czech for 3 years.

The tuition fee for English Philology Bachelor's degree is 2000 EUR/academic year which is significantly lower than that of other nations such as Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, England,…

In 2019, the University of Ostrava is ranked in the TOP 801-1000 in World University Rankings by THE (Times Higher Education World University)!/page/0/length/25/locations/CZ/sort_by/name/sort_order/desc/cols/stats

picture 02

Image of the new campus of OSU

As a dynamic and intellectually challenging modern institution, the University of Ostrava provides an international environment in which to study. Furthermore, the University of Ostrava is exceptionally excellent in the fields of Applied mathematics, Biology, Language, Nursing, and Medicine. 

Notably, there are many students and researchers studying and working at IRAFM (Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling) 

Dr. Renata Tomášková hopes that she can visit and work with her doctoral students at Ton Duc Thang University, also to cooperate with ECC TDTU to deploy other cooperation programs.